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Alphabet of lines

Line symbols used in technical drawing are often referred to as ALPHABET OF LINES. The use of line symbols enables engineers/designers to express features . The Alphabet of Lines in Technical Drawing. Lines in technical drawings are part of a specialized graphic language that is standardized throughout industry. 21 Oct It is a powerpoint presentation that discusses about the topic or lesson: Types and Examples of Alphabet of Lines. It also includes the definition.

The Alphabet of Lines. Lines are the critical component of sketching. In an engineering drawing, either a sketch or a blueprint, the type of line, either its thickness. Identify Line Types for the Alphabet of Lines. Construct lines properly on drawings. Hierarchy of lines. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS. Why is drafting considered a. Alphabet Of LinesChapter 3 Introduction to the Alphabet of Lines In order to understand what the drafter is trying to get a.

ALPHABET OF LINES. 1. OBJECT OR VISIBLE LINE (Thick) ± Used to represent the visible edges of an object. 2. HIDDEN OR INVISIBLE LINE(Medium) ± Used. 15 May Transcript of ALPHABET OF LINES. CONSTRUCTION AND GUIDE LINES Construction Lines are drawn very lightly and are used to block in. Chapter 4 Freehand Technical Sketching - Alphabet of Lines - 11 lines and their definitions Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.


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