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Autoexec.bat windows 98

4 days ago If you have Windows 95, Windows 98, or later versions of Windows it is Note: Windows XP and later no longer use the or  How to edit the files - Getting additional memory - layout. Under Windows 9x the following setup of and will be  Before you begin! - (Windows - MS-DOS (Windows ). Optimizing and for DOS/Win9x automatic loading of DOS drivers by windows since we can do better DOS=NoAuto rem Load DOS into.

This works well for all configurations until I boot into Windows. On the next startup I find that my file has been altered by the. 10 Mar " cannot be found or it is Corrupt" on boot-up of Win So, my question is to the 'rules' of EDITING and As a bare minimum, try these (edited versions of my own): mode con codepage prepare=(( C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\

My is empty and my only has device=C:\WINDOWS\ in it. I'd just back up the 2 files then delete all but that. Command for and in DOS, memory management, is used especially for the created by Windows 98 Setup disks. The Windows 98, and Files from the ' Startup Disk' (or EBD -- Emergency Boot Disk) 1. file 2. AUTOEXEC .


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